Sunday, October 08, 2006


Tomie will not die!Meet Tsukiko, she’s a young Japanese girl who’s supposedly been in an accident and can’t remember anything about it, or any of the events leading up to it. The only memory she has are some disturbing flashes in her subconscious every now and then.Tsukiko is seeing a hypnotherapist to see if she can get any of her regressed memories back. About this time, a detective shows up at the hypnotherapist and tells the story of a student named Tomie (pronounced Toe-mee-eh) that transferred into Tsukiko’s class at school. As soon as Tomie got to the school, there was a rash of suicides. These suicides sparked one of the students to chop Tomie up and dispose of the pieces, but none were ever found. The detective has also discovered that there are many murder cases of this Tomie Kawakami, some that date back to the late 1800’s.

A 6 year old girl is being rushed down a hospital hallway on a gurney; her stomach is distended to the point that she looks pregnant. Doctors do an ultrasound on her abdomen to try and see the cause.Lemme tell you, if I was a doctor and saw that ultrasound monitor, it would have been Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Dr. Flames’ trousers! Cleanup in ER 1! Needless to say, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on, but I found it creepy nonetheless.Not long after this happens do the hospital’s patients and staff start clearing out, the claim is that they all went mad. Tomie Replay, doesn’t pick up right where Tomie left off, the only similarity between the two movies is Tomie, which very well may be its downfall. Tomie re-appears, finds some poor horny dude she can “possess” for lack of a better word, to do her bidding, all the while driving her poor suitors completely mad in the process


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