Sunday, October 08, 2006


Takashi Miike
Atshushi Ida, Renji Ishibashi, Goro Kishitani, Yutaka Matsushige, Anna Nagata, Kou Shibasaki, Mariko Tsutsui, Shin'ichi Tsutsumi
Koji Endo
Director of Photography
Hideo Yamamoto
Yoichi Arishige

Naoki Sato
Miwako Daira
Source Writer
Yasushi Akimoto
Standard Screen; Soundtrack English
Takashi Miike, the director of such cult classics as the DEAD OR ALIVE trilogy, ICHI THE KILLER, and AUDITION, takes on the Japanese horror film with ONE MISSED CALL. Mixing in elements of Hideo Nakata's THE RING and Takashi Shimizu's JU-ON: THE GRUDGE, Miike creates a scarefest sure to rattle even the most experienced horror movie lover. Pop sensation Kou Shibasaki stars as Yumi Nakamura, a teenager who gets freaked out when her best friend, Yoko (Anna Nagata), gets a call on her cell phone--from herself, screaming, dated three days in the future. Three days later, at the exact time of the call--which had an ominous, strange ring tone--it all comes true, with Yoko screaming as she dies. The calls continue as Yumi's friends fear that they will be next to hear the ring tone that foretells death. Meanwhile, Yumi is joined by Hiroshi (Shin'ichi Tsutsumi), whose sister was recently killed and who wants to get to the bottom of the mystery before more young women die. Miike masterfully manipulates the audience, with plenty of scares around each corner, lots of terrifying images, violently dizzying flash cutting, and creepy music by Koji Endo. ONE MISSED CALL is one scary movie that should not be missed.


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