Sunday, October 08, 2006


Being a huge fan of Takashi Miike's work since he seems to just not give a f-ck and makes whatever he likes (only Miike would have women really lactate their breasts on camera while their husband nails a dead woman and gets stuck and craps on him). I was really amped to see his film "One Missed Call" basically "The Ring" done through Miike's eyes. Unlike most of Miike's other work this is his most restrained and more serious film where he keeps it pretty much mainstream but succeeds highly. College student Nakamura Yumi (Shibasaki Ko) is out with a bunch of friends. Her buddy Yoko gets a call on her cell phone with a weird ring-tone she's never heard before. “One missed call“, is written on the display. When they check out her voice mail, it mysteriously has come from her own cell phone, containing a hideous scream that sounds just like Yoko. If that's not enough, it's dated three days into the future. Sure enough, three days later, at that exact time, with that exact scream, Yoko plunges to her death from a railway bridge. A few days later, another person at the party, Kenji, receives a call from his own number, also from the future. This message too contains scream that sounds oddly like himself. He too dies at the appointed hour uttering the same scream (man oh man does he get it). The calls don' stop. This time it's Yumi's best friend Konishi Natsumi (Fukiishi Kazue). She gets a call with the same creepy ring-tone. The message contains a video of someone's hand snaking up behind her own terror-stricken self. Taking this to mean she's doomed, Natsumi goes to pieces. Ignoring Yumi's pleas, she agrees to go on a live TV broadcast of an attempted exorcism at the appointed hour. Yumi, desperate to get to the bottom of things, teams up with a solitary funeral director, Yamashita Hiroshi (Tsutsumi Shinichi), who lost his sister in a similar set of circumstances. The two of them begin to follow the trail of death. Meanwhile Natsumi's moment of truth approaches. Live on national TV at exactly the predicted moment, she dies a horrible, horrible death. As Yumi and Yamashita gaze at her twisted corpse, Yumi's phone begins to ring….. I know what you may be thinking "wait a minute this just sounds like some cheesy "RINGU" rip off!" Well let me tell you it may feel a be familiar but Takashi Miike really brings his own style of camera angles into the movie. Along with the use of various lens filters and the use of a very good sound design, he manages to create an atmosphere of horror you rarely get to see on the big screen. Very often these effects scare you, without really seeing horrible scenes. There are some gory effects also, but he used them very accurate and not in a way splatter movie do. Another thing there aren't that annoying false B.S scares. There's no dicking around like in so many of HOLLYWOOD'S kiddie friendly horror flicks that use shameful tricks to scare you. "Boo its just me your best buddy slamming my hand on your shoulder in the pitch dark as I know your nerves are on end like any normal person would do or BOOM, CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!! (with the theater speakers cranked to 20 as a grandma's dildo falls to the ground! DAMN DILDO SCARING ME!!!!) No when sh** is gonna happen IT HAPPENS!!! When talking about effects, all of the make-up effects are well done (Love the Ghost at end with the sliding flesh AWESOME!!!), and along with the described sounds and cinematography the movie gets its own look. Wait until you see the TV STATION scene CLASSIC!!!! The only problem I have is the very end. All I can say be prepared to sit back with a real stupid look on your face saying "WTF???????!!!!!!" as this happy cheesy music blares on and credits roll!" what the hell was Miike THINKING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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