Sunday, October 08, 2006


Excellent little Japanese horror film . . . I had this little gem recorded on my DVR last week. Tonight when I pressed play, I had no idea what it was about. When I saw the subtitles, I cringed a bit because while I usually end up really enjoying subtitled movies I was a bit tired when I turned it on. Well, I had absolutely no problems focusing on the subtitles in Infection as I was riveted from the beginning of the film.We begin the story in a hospital where it is plain to see that both the doctors and the nurses are overworked and exhausted. They have even put a sign on the front doors that they are not accepting any new patients because they are just over run. During these first few scenes we also keep hearing a call from an ambulance begging for help for a seriously infected man that is covered in some mysterious black rash.As we progress through the film, there is an unfortunate accident that befalls one of the patients who is a serious burn victim. One of the nurses injects him with the wrong drug at Dr. Akiba's (Koichi Sato) order and he ends up dying. The five hospital staff in the room then have a frantic discussion as to whether or not to report what truly happened to the patient or to cover it up and not get into trouble. Of course, they choose the latter and the consequences of their dubious decision soon begin to befall them all.With a decent amount of goriness and hints at goriness, Infection weaves an intriguing tale of lies and the guilt those lies cause to fester from within. It is one of the better Japanese horror tales I have seen lately. I can tell you this much, watching this film has definitely steered me away from the medical profession altogether, especially if it involves a hospital over in Japan.


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